Trade receivables

Banca IFIS supports the short-term financial and credit management needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises. This activity falls under trade receivable financing, which in 2012 decreased by 2,9% in Italy compared with the same period in the previous year, coming in at 303 billion Euro in loans (as of September 2012).

The factoring market bucked the trend, posting some growth, although not as much as in the previous year, when corporate assets were partially converted from traditional banking products to factoring. At the end of 2012, factoring advances amounted to 46 billion Euro, up 2,2% (source: Assifact).

According to the latest FCI estimates, the Italian factoring market ranks third worldwide in terms of volume, ahead of France, Germany and Spain and behind the UK and China, with a 9% market share (14% in Europe). In Italy, international factoring accounts for 19% as a percentage of total turnover.


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